FAQ: Choosing Socks

How do I pick the best sock for me?

When picking out a Darn Tough sock, you want to consider your activity, footwear, height and cushion preferences. We offer a range of socks heights, sock weights and cushion placements depending on the category.

On all product pages you can find the height, weight, and cushion details for each sock under, “PRODUCT DETAILS” and “CUSHION DETAILS.”

What size sock do I wear?

We recommend choosing your sock size based on your shoe size. You can do this using our sock sizing charts, which are included on each sock page and on our Sizing Charts page.

Are your socks unisex sizing?

Most of our socks are sized based on men's, women's, and kids’ shoe sizes, with a few styles offered in unisex sizing. Depending on an individual's shoe size, a lot of our socks can be worn by anyone. See our size chart for size conversions.

What is the difference between the heights of your socks?

You can see the different sock heights we offer and how they compare to each other on our Sizing Chart page, which includes a measurements chart with the average length from heel to cuff for each sock height.

What are the different weight options for your socks?

The sock weight (or yarn weight) refers to the fineness/thickness of the yarn used in the knit. We currently have 4 different sock weights; from lightest to heaviest, they are Ultra-lightweight, Lightweight, Midweight, and Heavyweight.

These combine with our 3 cushioning levels to create a range of support, warmth, and comfort in our socks. Try different combinations of cushion and weight to find the perfect balance for you.

What are the different cushion levels of your socks?

Sock cushion is created by knit terry loops. The cushion provides added protection in high impact areas, shock absorption, and extra warmth and comfort. Our 3 cushioning levels are No Cushion, Cushion, and Full Cushion. You can learn more about these levels on our Size Guide page

A few of our Ski & Snowboard socks feature targeted cushioning in the shin that is separate from the foot. In our Work category, we also carry socks specifically for steel-toe footwear with extended cushioning in the toe.

Do you make a sock that's 100% wool?

No, we do not make any socks that are a 100% wool; instead we use three simple materials (Merino Wool, nylon, and Lycra) to give our socks their signature fit and durability. All our wool socks include some nylon to increase their durability and Lycra to improve their comfort and fit. 

What is the thickest, warmest sock that you make?

The thickest, warmest socks we have are our Heavyweight socks with Full Cushion, like the Mountaineering sock.

What is the thinnest Darn Tough sock I can buy?

Our Ultra-Lightweight and Lightweight socks with No Cushion are the thinnest, lightest socks we make, and we have them in most of our sock categories.

I have thick calves; do you make models that accommodate larger calf sizes?

All of our socks are designed to have a snug performance fit. We don't make any sock styles that are specifically for wider calves, but the fit from style to style will vary slightly based on the material mix and knitting technique.

Why do my Darn Tough socks feel tight?

Our socks have a snug fit because they are knit with performance in mind. The better fitting the sock, the more durable it will be over time, and the better they will perform.

Do I need to wear sock liners with your socks?

Nope. Long ago people used sock liners to compensate for socks that fit poorly, but you won’t find that problem with Darn Tough socks.

Why does the toe area of my Darn Tough socks look pointy?

The tapered toe that you see is typical of most sock construction. Different companies have different shapes, some more pointed and some more shallow. The shape mimics the natural taper of your foot that happens in the toe area.

The shape we use on all our socks is consistent, but you may notice that No Cushion styles might look a bit more pointy due to not having Terry loop cushion to "puff" out the toe area.